Some Subtitles to an HR Picture

Some time ago I included a visual “Just an HR Picture“. Time for some subtitles now.

First of all, I’d like to say I don’t like the denomination Human Resource. We are talking about PEOPLE, not about resources. At the end of the day it all boils down to people. Then, we have processes, systems, governance and even more important interactions and relationships.

The HR processes and systems range from inflow of new colleagues over engagement and performance to sometimes outflow and the internal and external governance. The objective is to make working at the company – within an economical context – as enriching and pleasant as possible. With enriching I mean that people should be able to grow according to their capabilities, their personal aspirations and the amount of energy they want to invest. Work is a mutual engagement: an engagement of the employee towards the company and an engagement of the company towards the employee. Working is not a free ride. It’s about creating added value, both for the company as for the employee.

Apart from enabling one’s growth, performance management, career and competence development and the compensation and benefit system are also there to create a consistent, transparent and fair context.

Speaking about compensation and benefits, let us not forget payroll and HR administration (meeting social, juridical, financial rules and obligations). This is real expert work.

We create results by interactions and relationships. For this, the values of the company are important guidelines. Open, transparent and honest communication is essential even in cases where the message is less pleasant. In this context it’s my personal belief that life and work are consistent and symbiotic, with work being a genuine part of life.